A Fall and winter activities… an adventure of a thousands discoveries !


When the wind of freshness comes to lift the leaves and gently caress the golden apples, it is time then that the Laurentians transform. They take flamboyant red and honey colours … it’s Indian summer. In autumn, perfumes unfold and Mother Nature offers us its festival of colours, smells and last harvests. We then enjoy the pleasure of practising activities in a dazzling landscape.

And when winter is covered with its white coat, the Laurentians resume a new boom; it’s time to enjoy the joys of white powder with your partner, family or friends, and enjoy the pleasure of cocooning in one of our cozy chalets. Live to the rhythm of the Quebec winter and relax after some great activities in one of our SPAS … welcome to our place !


Take a walk…

As a couple, as a family or with friends, take a nice long walk along the lakes and rivers and through the forests of this beautiful area and discover what mother nature has to offer. You can simply step outside of your chalet and walk around Lac à la Truite (3 km) or hike through the hiking trails in Sainte-Agathe at Camping Sainte-Agathe centre plein air centre plein air or try the parc régional de Val-David/Val-Morin (over 60 km of trails) and for a unique stroll experience Centre Touristique et Éducatif des Laurentides.


Skating, Quebec’s national sport, will offer you hours of pleasure. Lace up your skates and glide on one of the rink in Sainte-Agathe-Des-Monts or Val David.

Horseback riding

Roam on horseback. Incredible landscapes shimmering pristine autumn or winter scenes await you. You will be also be able to visit a small farm (mini farm) at Ranch La Douceur.

Snowshoeing or cross-country skiing


The lake is frozen and snow has fallen. Spend unforgettable moments by traversing mountain trails and forests. Strap on your snowshoes or rent them from us and enjoy this beautiful sport. Discover Sainte-Agathe’s and Val-David’s cross-country skiing terrain in the middle of nature or try the linear park Le Petit Train du Nord, a former railway line between Bois-des-Fillon and Mont-Laurier.

Downhill skiing

Come spend a day or a complete holiday and hit the slopes of Vallée Bleue, Belle Neige(5–10 minutes away), Mont Saint Sauveur, Mont-Blanc or Mont-Tremblant. There is something for everyone.

Dog sledding


Enjoy a unique experience among man’s best friends all while taking delight in the spectacular scenery. Become a “musher” guiding your sled at Kanatha-Aki … unforgettable memories!


Take advantage of the areas numerous snowmobile trails for you to explore. Rent a snowmobile at Tyroparc for a half day or a full day with or without a guide. Guaranteed to thrill you!


Looking for excitement? Jump into your snow pants and hang onto your snow tube or magic carpet for the thrilling descents. Laughter guaranteed for this adventure that will entertain the little ones and will take adults back to their childhoods. A fun family outing that can be practised close to home in Ste-Agathe des-Monts or in Piedmont.

Discover new perspectives on nature…

Head towards St-Faustin-Lac-Carré and discover the Sentier des Cimes:
A safe, barrier-free and universally accessible path leading to a panoramic tower – a spectacular viewpoint at a height of 40 meters (equivalent to a dozen floors). Along the route, a few playful balance games are installed at dizzying heights for everyone’s enjoyment, and learning stations are set up to show you nature from new perspectives. Open year round! A must see…

A little culture


Discover the region with a one hour cultural tour of Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts; You’ll learn about the architecture as well as the history of this beautiful village and its pioneers. Come and meet the artists of Val-David too, who will amaze and dazzle you.

Release your inner gourmet!

It is in one of the many restaurants, bistros and bars, that you will discover the local specialties. The Laurentians know how to entertain their guests.

Night life

Enjoy the nightlife! Pleasure is a must. There are festivals, restaurants, events, nightclubs and concerts for you to take pleasure in with a partner, family or friends. For short or extended stays, be entertained by the ambience offered which will set the tone to spend an unforgettable evening.

Book your chalet today and enjoy the FUN!

We welcome you!